Wadzanai Motsi-Khatai

Wadzanai Motsi-Khatai holds a BA in International Relations from Grinnell College and an Executive Master in Public Administration from the Hertie School of Governance. She has over 6 years of experience working with government, international non-profit organizations, as well as community organizations. Her diverse professional experience includes working with the Government of Zimbabwe, working with young political activists in Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana, the Czech Republic and Cambodia, and building a community for a circular economy in Berlin, Germany. She is a Program Manager at the Center for Intersectional Justice in Berlin, a regular contributor to the African Policy Initiative in Germany, and co-founder of the Sangano Black Business Hub. Wadzanai is a staunch advocate for building intersectional communities and is committed to building a more inclusive, mindful and socially just world. Learn more about Wadzanai here, www.wmkhatai.com.